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Urb’s new Delta 8 THC Live Resin Cart contains a blend of Delta 8 Distillate, Oleoresin, flavorful terpenes, and rich Live Resin from fresh frozen hydro-carbon extracted flower.

Batter up! Indulge in this punchy vanilla and cake-like aroma with an after-hit of earthy diesel. This indica strain is great for relaxing after a long day!

  • Strain: Indica
  • Cannabinoid: Delta 8 THC
  • 1 mL Cart
  • Ceramic Coil

Puff for thought: hemp breathes in 4x more CO2 than trees. Urb proudly supports America’s hemp farmers.

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Suggested Use:

Start at a low heat setting and puff! Wait for effects and adjust dosage.


Delta 8 Cart Ingredients: Live Resin Extract, Delta 8, Oleoresin, Terpenes.


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