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Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Patches are a discreet and convenient solution for Mary's users on-the-go. Patented technology of a formula of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with 20mg of naturally occurring CBD and eucalyptus allows for pain relief throughout the day. When applied, it’s a great way to kick off your morning with a calming, plant-based blend.

These 2×2 laser-cut squares contains 20mg of full spectrum hemp extract, which is gradually released over 8-12 hours. Transdermal patches are latex-free, made with pharmaceutical-grade adhesive, also a hypoallergenic foam backer.

Formulated to:

  • Offer convenient, long-lasting mind and body well being
  • Provide a continuous release of naturally occurring CBD for 8-12 hours
  • Simply adhere to any veinous area of the skin (like the inner wrist or top of foot).

Suggested Usage

Transdermal patches are most effective when applied to a veinous part of the body, like the top of the foot or inner wrist.

Cleanse and dry skin prior to application.

Remove plastic liner and press the patch firmly onto the skin. Effects can last up to 12 hours.

These patches are a single-use product.


Product Ingredients: Acrylic Adhesive, Propylene Glycol, Oleic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Full-Spectrum Activated Hemp Extract, Eucalyptus, and Naturally Derived Terpenes.

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