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Life Aveda's Shilajit Supplement is a primary component of Ayurvedic Medicine. It can provide health benefits such as: an increase in longevity, rejuvination, relief from fatigue & lethargy, and even increased cognitive function. Shilajit is high in fulvic acid and other organic compounds that have their own benefits. Organic components of Shilajit play a role in sending different mineral substances to their cellular targets.

Shilajit Supplements have strong detoxification as well as rejuvenation properties which can help to improve stamina, endurance, and vigor. It can also help to maintain Testosterone levels which improve sexual performance.

  • Helps accelerate processes of protein and nucleic acid Metabolism also stimulates energy providing reactions.
  • Counteracts Diabetes and also regulates the blood sugar level.
  • Purifies blood, improves health of Pancreas, and strengthens digestion.
  • Stimulates the immune system and improves recovery after exercise.
  • Increases levels of growth hormone in Diabetic patients and is a potent Anti-Ulcer agent. 
  • Counteracts debility & General fatigue
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels, also provides relief for Diabetics
  • Promotes protein as well as Nuclei Acid Metabolism
  • Counteracts bodily thirst
  • Promotes the movement of minerals, especially Calcium, Phosphorous, and Magnesium into muscle tissue and bone.

Suggested Usage

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Take 1 - 2 Shilajit Supplements daily with plain water after meals.

Increase or decrease dosage depending on desired effects.


Shilajit (Asphaltum Punja-Bianum std.ext.)

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