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Urb's NEW Hydro CBD Disposables are the perfect way to relax, elevate, and unwind. We currently carry two delicious strains!

  • Jungle Juice (Sativa): a sweet and sour mix of citrus!
  • Rozay (Indica): a deliciously sweet strain blooming with floral notes!

0% THC  |  100% FIRE

What is Hyrdo CBD?

H4-CBD (aka Hydro CBD)hydrogenated CBD. It has mood elevating properties, as well as an uplifting, relaxed feeling overall. The feeling can be described as a caffiene or nicotine "buzz", and are much lighter effects than Delta 8.

Urb's Hydro CBD Disposable contains NO THC of any kind, so it is a great alternative to nicotine. 


What do I do if the device clogs?

Use a source of heat (like a blow dryer) to slowly heat the device and blow through the bottom to clear.

What do the different lights mean?

  • Flashing 2 times: device has been in use for an extended period of time
  • Light on for 2 seconds: shortcut protection when working
  • Flashing 10x: low voltage protection
  • Light on: device is charging
  • Flashing 20x: Device has completed charging.


H4-CBD (aka Hydro CBD) and CBD are both from hemp. H4-CBD is made from the process of hyrdogenation, while CBD is naturally occuring in the hemp plant.

The biggest difference between the two cannabinoids is the effects. CBD is relaxing with no intoxication, while H4-CBD feels like cbd with a slight buzz. Some will compare the feeling to the buzz of a cigarette, making H4-CBD a great alternative!

Read more about H4-CBD here.


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