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Smilyn's innovative HHCp Disposable Vape uses premium HHCp distillate, paired with amazing terpene strains for an otherworldly experience. This disposable produces a balanced high, along with effects such as cerebral stimulation, and full body relaxation.

This hybrid strain is a sweet orange creamsicle flavor!

What is HHCp?

HHCp is a hydrogenated form of another cannabinoid- THCp. Since it is a newer cannabinoid, there is not as much research on it as many other cannabinoids. HHCp has similar effects to THCp and is believed to last longer than other cannabinoids.

In terms of effects, HHCp is believed to have the following effects:

  • A sense of relief and relaxation
  • Enhanced overall mood
  • Strong feelings of euphoria

Learn more about HHC-P here.

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1000mg / 1gram total extract

Ingredients: HHC-P oil with natural terpenes, Delta 8 oil

Suggested Use

Smilyn HHCp Disposable Vape Pen Directions

  1. Remove vape pen from the packaging.
  2. Remove protector from top.
  3. Power: 5-clicks to turn on/off  |   3-clicks to pre-heat
  4. Inhale/Exhale the vapor.

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