Delta 10 Hemp Preroll

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Root Therapeutics' Delta 10 Hemp Preroll provides the unique benefits of Delta 10. But, in a convenient, easy to use, pre rolled joint. It's the perfect way to quickly enjoy the full effects of Delta 10 hemp without the fuss of rolling your own.

Our Hemp Prerolls are made with high quality Delta 10 Flower. They are also rolled in house and deliver a smooth, consistent burn. With its balanced and clear headed feeling, Delta 10 offers a completely unique experience that can enahce creativity, productivity, and overall well being.

Root Therapeutics uses the highest quality Delta 10 Flower free from harmful contaminants. So, expect the best quality.

We currently have 1 strain available:

  • Sunset (Hybrid): an indica dominant hybrid, good for stress relief. Has a delicious fruity flavor. This strain is a great way to relax after a long day. The sweet aroma and flavor notes make it a favorite for many.


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