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3 Tall Pines' Delta 8 Cartridge offers a powerful blend in each cartridge for a truly unique experience. It's also a reliable way to enjoy your favorite plants without the hassle of traditional smoking. 

These Cartridges are crafted with their solvent less Delta 8 distillate that is free from other chemicals used in standard vape cartridges. 

We currently carry Indica and Sativa Options:

Indica Strains

These Cartridges deliver the ultimate in full body relaxation and uplifting, stress soothing Delta 8 energy. They also provide a smooth, tasty, terpene rich vaping experience!

Prepare for lift off to a tranquil Delta 8 Darkstar celestial journey of maximum chill!

  • Blood Moon (Indica)

Cannabinoids Present:

CBN                       177+ mg

CBD                        6.4+ mg

CBG                        71+ mg

Delta 8 THC           500+ mg

Sativa Strains

These Delta 8 Cartridges are blended with the perfect amount of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, CBG and strain specific terpenes (CDTs) that are mild enough to be functional while still giving you that Delta 8 uplifting and calming energy!

These Sativa Moonrock Vape Cartridges are the perfect choice if you are ready to blast off for a spectacular social night or a motivated ‘get it done’ day!





  • Agent D (Sativa)
  • Jacks Dream (Sativa)

Cannabinoids Present:

Delta 8        419+ mg

CBG             121+ mg

CBD             1.41+ mg

Suggested Use

Dosage is always dependent on the user. We recommend taking 1-3 puffs and gauging your body's reaction before consuming more.

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