Roxy's Routine

My mom isn't 100% sure on my birth date because .... IM ADOPTED!   She says I'm around 5-7 years old and my birthday is in August, so we celebrate the entire month.  She spoils me.

Some of my favorite things to do are; play chase, especially when my humans are on 4-wheelers, I LOVE to swim, meet new friends at dog parks, go for long walks, and just about anything to do with being outside and off my leash so I can run FREEEEEEE.

Since my new mom started me on the Passionate Paws fish fish oil, I am SO happy!  I feel relaxed and it really helps when I over run and get super sore the next day.  It also helps me when there are fireworks or hunting sounds around me.   I really don't like those loud noises, so that yummy fish oil mom gives me really calms me a lot. 

My new mom also didn't think I had any front toofers because my gums were so red and inflamed.  Well I do, and they may not look pretty but they sure do feel so much better.   And my breath, well thats still kinda stinky, but its SOOOO much better than it was.

I feel so happy to have such a loving home, thank you mom.