Lilly's Routine

Lilly's Routine


Meet Lilly, our beloved resident shop dog in Shawano. Lilly has one of the most caring and gentle souls we've ever encountered. She came to be with her human mama, Jami, in May 2022 through the Forest County Humane Society in Crandon, WI. When she arrived, Lilly was a pregnant mama dog surrendered to the shelter. Despite not being able to produce milk for her puppies, all her babies were delivered healthy, bottle-fed, and later adopted out by the shelter.

Since joining us, Lilly has made remarkable progress in a short time. Her first winter with us has been challenging due to the dry winter months indoors, which caused her discomfort. However, she has found relief and comfort in the form of CBD oil and coconut oil, her new best friends. Some evenings, she indulges in a little honey spiked with THC to help her relax at bedtime. We understand that high doses of THC can be toxic to dogs, so we ensure that the dose included with CBD is low enough to leave her feeling relaxed without any negative effects.

We typically give Lilly her CBD by mixing it with a little bit of peanut butter and adding it to a licking bone. This keeps her occupied, and she gets the benefits of CBD. The fat content in the peanut butter also helps with better bonding to our receptors, improving the effectiveness of the CBD. Despite her rough start, Lilly's positive spirit and resilience have captured our hearts, making her an integral part of our team.

Lilly's Routine:

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