Kayla’s Routine

Kayla’s Routine

After successfully treating my Sphincter of the Oddi dysfunction, a rare disorder that causes a backup of digestive fluid and severe abdominal pain, cannabinoid therapy quickly became a part of my wellness regimen every day. It just made sense for me to continue to keep my body in homeostasis.

Now with the innovation in the hemp industry delivering products with DELTA 8 THC, I’m able to manage my ADHD without the pharmaceuticals and their list of side effects that were once prescribed to me. Beyond anything else though… cannabinoid therapy makes me a better mom. I’m more focused, attentive and I sleep better! I even use a low dose of CBD with our 3 boys to help with the pain and inflammation from teething and to help them sleep.

CBD did so much for my psyche during postpartum recovery and fellow moms out there.... who likes cauliflower butt after delivery? Ladies, you know what I’m talking about - just 3 months of the Hemorrhoids Care Supplement and not only could I sit down without pain again but the hemorrhoids were gone!!! I had tried everything OTC, my OBGYN had suggested a hemorrhoidectomy multiple times... Nethika Naturals Hemorrhoid Supplement healed my hiney!!! Sorry in advance for too much information - we are all just hoping our truths can help someone else!

Kayla's Routine:

    1. Root Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
    2. Root Therapeutics Broad Spectrum Hemp Gummies
    3. Root Therapeutics Delta 8 THC Vegan Gummies
    4. Lavender Bath Bombs
    5. Hemorrhoids Supplement


Kayla Tokarczyk