Kayla’s Routine

Kayla’s Routine

After successfully treating my Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, a rare disorder that causes severe abdominal pain due to a backup of digestive fluid, I incorporated cannabinoid therapy into my daily wellness regimen. It just made sense to me to maintain homeostasis in my body.

Thanks to the innovative hemp industry, I now have access to products with Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, which have allowed me to manage my ADHD without the pharmaceuticals that used to be prescribed to me, along with their many side effects. But beyond that, cannabinoid therapy has made me a better mom. It has enhanced my focus, attentiveness, and sleep quality. I even use a low dose of CBD to help alleviate pain and inflammation from teething in our three boys and help them sleep better.

CBD also helped me significantly during my postpartum recovery, improving my mental wellbeing. For those interested in using cannabinoid therapy during pregnancy and postpartum, I encourage you to learn more about its safety and the products I use.

Learn more about the safety of cannabinoid therapy and the products I use during pregnancy and postpartum here

Kayla's Routine:

    1. Root Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
    2. Root Therapeutics Broad Spectrum Hemp Gummies
    3. Root Therapeutics Delta 9 THC Gummies

 Kayla Tokarczyk