Jami’s Routine

Jami’s Routine

CBD has completely changed my life.  I have incorporated CBD and now Delta 8 THC into every part of my routine.  I was so uncomfortable in my own skin for so many reasons.   I was very overweight and in a very sad mental state.   I sought out CBD primarily to start with some focus and maybe some pain relief.   When that worked, I decided that this was ABSOLUTELY the right path. 

My morning routine gives me lasting energy throughout the day.  Evenings I love to use CBD isolate products to help shut down the brain so I can really get into that REM sleep.  Delta 8 has also been such an amazing addition to my regimen.   I utilize D8 daily for focus and calming.  For me THC has always been on the radar as far as pain relief, but never did I imagine Delta 8 would be my daily go to for, well EVERYTHING!

 Jami’s Routine:

    1. Root Therapeutics Water Soluble
    2. Root Therapeutics Delta 8 THC Cartridge + Yocan Stick Battery
    3. Infinite Asteroids CBD Gummies
    4. Nethika Naturals Moringa
    5. Nethika Naturals Hair Growth Support
    6. Root Esthetics Skin Line 


 Jami Schultz Shawano, WI