Hilary’s Routine

Hilary’s Routine

THC has so much medicinal potential and is great as a short-term crutch for mental health, but with prolonged use over time, I felt it was doing more harm to my mental health than good. I replaced my THC consumption with CBD & CBN. I consumed 100mg of CBD throughout the day and 15mg CBN at night. Until recently, I would wake up every hour, on the hour, due to a tremendous fear of oversleeping, therefore significantly increasing my chances that I would oversleep. Anxiety is a vicious cycle but using CBN has transformed my nights. A rested mind doesn’t panic nearly as often. 

Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic adaptogenic herb, provides a zen like no other and is a beneficial aid for calming my body and mind. I can feel the agitated thought process slipping away and am able to focus without excessive fidgeting or frustration. Ashwagandha works in synergy with CBD to amplify the best of both supplements.

A high CBD intake allowed me to slow down and more calmly process and sort through my thoughts. Incorporating a consistent and balanced cannabis regimen isn’t going to melt away your anxieties, but it will allow you to think about them differently. I’ve had more than enough trial and error with medication and techniques. As opposed to cannabis being your last resort, I’d sincerely, from the bottom of my anxiety-ridden heart, recommend it as your first choice.

Since obtaining a newfound freedom from anxiety, I have completely altered my recreational activities and hobbies. I now spend the majority of my time outdoors; hiking, kayaking, climbing mountains. Things that used to bring me tremendous anxiety, now only bring me slight joint pain which is why I use a CBD muscle salve, religiously, as well as a joint support supplement occasionally when a more rigorous adventure is in pursuit.

Hilary's Routine: 

  1. Thoughtcloud High CBN
  2. Ashwagandha
  3. Root Esthetics Salve
  4. Nethika Naturals Joint Support



Hilary Kendall Appleton, WI