CBN Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' CBN Gummies contains the powerful cannabinoid CBN, also known as Cannabigerol. CBN has been found to have a wide range of potential health benefits that can support your overall...

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies are infused with a high concentration of CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids. We are proud to offer customer this premium CBD formulation to add to...

CBD Isolate Gummies - Infinite CBD

Description Infinite CBD's Isolate Gummies carry a delicious honeydew flavor and contain NO THC! These CBD Isolate Gummies are a convenient & hassle-free way to incorporate pure cannabidiol into your daily...

CBG Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Discover a natural and potent solution to boost your overall wellness and relieve inflammation with Root Therapeutics' CBG Gummies. These orange-flavored gummies pack a powerful punch with CBG, the...

Hydro CBD Disposable (2ml) - URB

Description Urb's NEW Hydro CBD Disposables are the perfect way to relax, elevate, and unwind. We currently carry two delicious strains! Jungle Juice (Sativa): a sweet and sour mix of...
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