Full Spectrum CBG Tincture - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' Full Spectrum CBG Tincture contains a high CBG 1:1 CBD formula. Cannabigerol or CBG, is a key wellness component of the hemp plant and is touted as...

Delta 8 Caramel - Periodic Caramels

Description Periodic Caramels' Balanced Delta 8 Caramels are the perfect blend of sweet and salty! Created with the perfect combination of just enough cream with a touch of salt to balance out...

Mushroom Elixir - Odyssey

Description Enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms with Odyssey's Mushroom Elixir! With six delicious, refreshing flavors, you'll never run out of ways to quench your thirst and elevate your mind!...

Delta 10 Hemp Preroll

Description Delta 10 flower rolled into a pre-rolled joint. Delta 10 Flower offers a totally unique way to experience all this cannabinoid has to offer. Delta 10 can provide you with...
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Artisan Hemp Tea - Canna Infuzions

Description Canna Infuzions Artisan Hemp Tea carries the largest selection of quality artisan tea blends infused with Wisconsin-grown Certified Organic hemp flower. We currently carry 3 flavors: Apple Hibiscus, Chamomile, and...

Full Spectrum CBG Capsules - NuLeaf Naturals

Description NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBG Capsules contain a comprehensive formula designed to elevate your health and well being. This high dose of CBG contains several key cannabinoids in a balanced...

Delta 8 Chocolate Bar - 3 Tall Pines Rise n Grind Expresso

Description Start your day off right with a Delta 8 Chocolate bar by 3 Tall Pines' Rise n Grind Espresso Chocolate Bar, infused with Delta 8, THCv, Mushroom Medley, and...

Silly Kava Gummies (Energy) - URB

Description Introducing Urb's Silly Kava Gummies. The perfect silly treat for anyone looking for a healthy, natural way to boost their mind and body. These delicious grape-flavored gummies are packed...

CBG Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Discover a natural and potent solution to boost your overall wellness and relieve inflammation with Root Therapeutics' CBG Gummies. These orange-flavored gummies pack a powerful punch with CBG, the...

THCv Vape Cartridge (1mg) - 3 Tall Pines

Description 3 Tall Pine's THCv Vape Cartridges are here! Tetrahydrocannabivarin (aka THCv) is a psychoactive cannabinoid. So, it produces a motivated, alert, and energizing kind of high. At the same...

Defend 14 Mushroom Capsules - The Medicinal Mushroom Co.

Description The Medicinal Mushroom Co's Defend 14 Mushroom Capsules are a specially blended recipe of 14 medicinal mushrooms for optimal health.The Defend 14 Mushroom Capsules have been curated to support...
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Lion's Mane Extract Powder - The Medicinal Mushroom Co.

Description Lion's Mane Extract Powder from the Medicinal Mushroom Co. has added vitamin D & Beta Glucans to put you at your best. This natural supplement is formulated to reduce...

CBG Infused Pouches - Cannadips

Description Experience a new level of energy with Mint Go CBG Infused Pouches by Cannadips - the perfect way to fuel your day! Geet the boost you need without the...

Delta 10 Disposable - Super Silver Haze - Elyxr

Description Elyxr's Delta 10 Disposable is the perfect, energizing alternative to Delta 8. Our customers have raved about its uplifting effects, which can include: improved focus, creativity, and euphoria.  This...

CBD Infused Coffee - Single Serve Pour Over - Happy Joe

Description Happy Joe’s CBD Infused Coffee single serve pour over packs are great for brewing pretty much anywhere you go! Its the simpliest way to brew Happy Joe's delicious CBD...

Full Spectrum Hemp Coconut Oil - Periodic Caramels

Description Full Spectrum Hemp Coconut Oil from Periodic Caramels - made with Periodic Caramels' patented infusion method. This includes slow simmering craft hemp in coconut oil, straining, then triple filtering, to create...
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