Delta 8 Caramel - Periodic Caramels

Description Periodic Caramels' Balanced Delta 8 Caramels are the perfect blend of sweet and salty! Created with the perfect combination of just enough cream with a touch of salt to balance out...

Delta 8 Gummies (10mg or 50mg) - Root Therapeutics

Description If you're looking for a delicious and potent Delta 8 product, look no further than Root Therapeutics' Delta 8 Vegan Gummies! These gummies are crafted with the highest quality ingredients...
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Delta 8 Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' Lime-Flavored Delta 8 Vegan Gummies are sure to knock you off your feet! With 25mg of Delta 8 in every scrumptious gummy, it's hard to only eat one of...

Delta 8 Disposable (1ml) - Beleaf

Description  Beleaf's Delta 8 Disposable is a classic Wisconsin-Made favorite. Available in a variety of beloved flavor options, these disposable untis are the perfect way to indulge in a potent,...

Delta 8 Chocolate Bar (500mg) - Smilyn

Description: One square and you’ll be obsessed with Smilyn's Delta 8 Chocolate Bar — so delicious! Each Delta 8 infused chocolate bar offers a smooth and creamy texture. Don’t just satisfy...

Delta 8 Cocktail - Smilyn

Description Smilyn Delta 8 Cocktail...the best cocktails always begin with Smilyn Wellness. Enjoy a thirst-quenching cocktail by Smilyn Wellness - also a great alternative to alcoholic beverages! We currently carry...
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Rise n Grind Expresso Chocolate Bar (THCv) - 3 Tall Pines

Description Wake up and conquer the day with 3 Tall Pines' Rise n Grind Expresso Chocolate Bar! Packed with a blend of Delta 8, THCv, Mushroom Medley, and Coffee Beans,...
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Delta 8 Wine Gummies - 3 Tall Pines

Description 3 Tall Pines' Delta 8 Wine Gummies are 100% hemp derived and delicious! They feature a reduction of Wisconsin local wine down to a simple syrup! Each yummy gummy...

Delta 8 Disposable Vape (2g) - Koi

Description Koi's Delta 8 Disposable Vape to breathe in bliss & relaxation. With auto draw activation & a rechargeable battery, these sleek, stylish 2-gram vapes are ready to send you...

Delta 8 Hemp Preroll

Description Root Therapeutics' Delta 8 Hemp Prerolls Hemp flower in a convenient, pre-rolled joint.  We currently have 3 strains available: Suzy Q  Afghani Maple Mango Dream

Delta 8 Cartridge - Beleaf

Description Beleaf's 1ml Delta 8 Cartridge contains 1 Gram of Organically Derived Delta 8 Distillate, in a ceramic coiled cartridge, 510 thread.Flavorings are 100% Terpene Derived Blends! Available in 3 Flavors...

Delta 8 Cartridge - Green Crack - Elyxr

Description Elyxr's Delta 8 Cartridge is here to elevate your mind! These rich, potent, and flavorful cartridges are derived from legal hemp and provide you with a full-body high that will transform...
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Delta 8 Chocolate Bar (500mg) - 3 Tall Pines

Description: 3 Tall Pines' Delta 8 Chocolate Bar is a delectable & unique cannabinoid-infused treat. Crafted with a signature blend of farm-fresh Wisconsin Craft Hemp & pure dark chocolate. These...

Delta 8 Disposable (2ml) - Elyxr

Description Elyxr's 2ml Delta 8 Disposable Vape pens pack an extra gram of Delta 8 oil for those looking for some extra strength. Each of our Delta 8 strains and flavors...

Delta 8 Disposable (1ml) - Elyxr

Description Elyxr's Delta 8 Disposable Vape features a full gram of vape oil and a fully charged 280mAh battery built right into the device, to offer a travel-friendly, maintenance-free approach to...

Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable (3ml) - URB

Description  URB's 3mL Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable is newly engineered from the ground up with a stylish, sleek design to fully showcase the oil inside. It is also made with...
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