Delta 8 Chocolate Bar - 3 Tall Pines Rise n Grind Expresso

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Delta 8 Chocolate Bar (500mg) - Smilyn

Delta 8 Chocolate Bar (500mg) - Smilyn

Delta 9 Chocolate Bar - Smilyn

Delta 9 Chocolate Bar - Smilyn

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Start your day off right with a Delta 8 Chocolate bar by 3 Tall Pines' Rise n Grind Espresso Chocolate Bar, infused with Delta 8, THCv, Mushroom Medley, and Coffee Beans for a powerful boost. This chocolate bar is the perfect pick-me-up, providing a natural energy lift, enhanced creativity, increased stamina, and motivation to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way. 

One Rise n Grind Expresso Chocolate Bar, is bursting with...

  • Delta 8: 750mg
  • CBG: 219mg
  • THCv: 127mg
  • Delta 10: 6.379mg
  • Mushroom Medley: 10,000 mg

What is the Mushroom Medley?

3 Tall Pines' "Mushroom Medley" provides a natural, functional euphoria that will leave you feeling energized and productive, whether you're taking on a busy day or heading out for a night on the town. This blend also includes a variety of healthful botanicals and minerals that work together with the cannabinoids for the ultimate "ultimate entourage effect!

  • Made with Wisconsin Craft Hemp
  • All-Natural
  • 10 Total Servings Per Bar 
  • 20mg Caffeine Per Bar
  • 10,000mg Mushroom Medley Per Bar
  • 3rd party Lab Tested

Suggested Use

Serving Size - 1 Square 

Eat one serving. Then, wait up to two hours for effects to set in. Dose up or down to achieve desired effects.

Dosage varies depending on the user.

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