Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Water Soluble) - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and it’s nano-enhanced formulation allows for rapid onset. The water soluble formula is perfect for anyone in need of an immediate cannabinoid boost or...

Delta 8 Gummies (10mg or 50mg) - Root Therapeutics

Description If you're looking for a delicious and potent Delta 8 product, look no further than Root Therapeutics' Delta 8 Vegan Gummies! These gummies are crafted with the highest quality ingredients...

Delta 9:CBD Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutic's Delta 9:CBD Gummies are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day! Infused with a perfect 1:1 balance of Delta 9 & CBD (10mg...

CBD Hemp Flower Preroll

Description Looking for a convenient and efficient way to experience the benefits of CBD? Look no further than our high-quality CBD Hemp Flower Preroll. Made with carefully selected hemp flower,...

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies with Elderberry Extract - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' Vegan Full Spectrum CBD Gummies with Elderberry Extract are perfect for individuals looking to maximize the full benefits of the hemp plant. These full spectrum gummies are...

CBD Hemp Flower - 1/8oz

Description Are you looking for a way to soothe your senses and unwind? Look no further than our ultra-relaxing CBD Hemp Flower! CBD flower is a perfect remedy for anyone...

Delta 9 Gummies - Carbon CannaChews

Description Let your taste buds take a yummy journey with Carbon's "CannaChews" Delta 9 Gummies! Handcrafted for euphoric elevation without the need of any medical card or recreational program, these...

Delta 8 Honey Sticks - Uncle Sam's Hemp Honey

Description  Delta 8 Honey Sticks are made with pure, raw honey and Colorado-grown Delta 8 THC to create a superfood! Enjoy raw honey and an earthy hint of hemp along wih...

Full Spectrum Multicannabinoid Softgels - NuLeaf Naturals

Description NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Multicannabinoid softgels contain a comprehensive formula designed to elevate your health and wellbeing. This daily blend contains several key cannabinoids in a balanced profile to supercharge...

Hydro CBD Disposable (2ml) - URB

Description Urb's NEW Hydro CBD Disposables are the perfect way to relax, elevate, and unwind. We currently carry two delicious strains! Jungle Juice (Sativa): a sweet and sour mix of...

Silly Kanna Gummies (Calm) - URB

Description Urb's Ashwagandha Silly Kanna Gummies are the perfect natural & healthy way to boost your mind and body. They are the perfect silly treat for anyone looking for a...

Live Resin Disposable Speedboat Blend - Elyxr

Description Elyxr's "Speedboat Blend" Premium Live Resin Disposable offers a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, with an emphasis on CBD and Delta 9 in one convenient vaping device. This...

Natural Stress Care Supplement - Nethika Naturals

Description Nethika Naturals' - Natural Stress Care Supplement has been designed to relieve daily emotional & physical stress and its ill effects on the body. It is also designed to improve...
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