Acrylic Dugout & One Hitter - RYOT

Description Thee RYOT Acrylic Magnetic Dugout with Matching One Hitter features a lid and poker design to help you avoid spillage and stop any unwanted smells from escaping. Coupled with a unique...

Artisan Hemp Tea - Canna Infuzions

Description Canna Infuzions Artisan Hemp Tea carries the largest selection of quality artisan tea blends infused with Wisconsin-grown Certified Organic hemp flower. We currently carry 3 flavors: Apple Hibiscus, Chamomile, and...

Ashwagandha Supplement - Life Aveda

Description Life Aveda's Ashwagandha Supplement can be a great addition to your health and wellness routine.  Nervous system health challenges such as anxiety, fatigue and insomnia from stress are all good...

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics' Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies are infused with a high concentration of CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids. We are proud to offer customer this premium CBD formulation to add to...

Cannabis T-Shirt - Happy Trails CBD

Description Looking for a comfortable and stylish way to show your support for the legalization of cannabis? Look no further! Our legal cannabis T-shirt is the perfect way to make...

CBD Bath Bomb Mini Collection - Kush Queen

Description The Complete CBD Bath Bomb Mini Collection is a great way to try Kush Queen's five original bath bomb blends and see which is best for you. Perfect for...

CBD Bath Bombs - Kush Queen

Description Kush Queen's CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect self-care treat. Your skin is your largest organ and is a powerful tool for absorbing cannabinoids & balancing your endocannabinoid system. As you...

CBD Body Balm - Cause + Medic

Description Cause + Medic's CBD Body Balm is a daily use balm for dry, itchy, red or inflamed skin conditions. It is a luxurious blend of nutrient rich oils & therapeutic plant...

CBD Body Butter - Cause + Medic

Description Cause + Medic's CBD Body Butter is a luxurious blend of nutrient-rich oils and therapeutic plant extracts, infused with 400mg of water-soluble CBD. Then, is put into a body butter for...

CBD Hemp Flower - 1/8oz

Description Are you looking for a way to soothe your senses and unwind? Look no further than our ultra-relaxing CBD Hemp Flower! CBD flower is a perfect remedy for anyone...

CBD Hemp Flower Preroll

Description Looking for a convenient and efficient way to experience the benefits of CBD? Look no further than our high-quality CBD Hemp Flower Preroll. Made with carefully selected hemp flower,...

CBD Hemp Honey Double Strength Raw Relief - Colorado Hemp Honey

Description CBD Hemp Honey Double Strength (Raw Relief) by Colorado Hemp Honey offers a delicious and beneficial superfood of the highest quality. Allow yourself to experience the amazing benefits of CBD in...

CBD Hemp Salve (500mg) - Root Therapeutics

Description Root Therapeutics Muscle Relief CBD Hemp Salve is a one-of-a-kind salve that supports rapid healing, and is a must-have for sore muscles & joints. A powerful blend of essential oils combined...

CBD Honey Sticks - Colorado Hemp Honey

Description  Colorado Hemp Honey's CBD Honey Sticks are made with pure, raw honey. These delicous treats are perfect for travel, hiking, camping, or strenuous exercise...just put one in your lunch to...

CBD Infused Coffee - Happy Joe

Description Happy Joe's CBD Infused Coffee is a delicious way to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD while also enjoying your morning cup of coffee! This premium blend of high-quality...

CBD Infused Coffee - Single Serve Pour Over - Happy Joe

Description Happy Joe’s CBD Infused Coffee single serve pour over packs are great for brewing pretty much anywhere you go! Its the simpliest way to brew Happy Joe's delicious CBD...
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