RYOT VERB 510 FLIP - Threaded Battery Oil Vaporizer

Description The RYOT VERB 510 Flip Vaporizer offers high, medium, and low power modes- as well as a pre heat function to suit your smoking style. 5-clicks for on/off feature, makes for...

Vape Battery - AVD Stik

Description AVD's Stik Vape Battery is simple in form. Attractively priced. Yet packed with all the AVD flavor technology customers love. SmartPulse technology regulates heating with automated power wave temperature control....

Yocan Stix Vape Battery

Description: The Yocan Stix Vape Battery is not just a replacement battery...This device allows consumers to enjoy the convenience of using a pod-like e-liquid receptacle while wielding the benefits of...

Vape Battery - Vessel Core

Description The "Core" Vessel Vape Battery is a high-quality battery that is built to last. It is also a staff favorite here at Happy Trails! Not only is it durable...

Wooden Dugout with One Hitter - RYOT

  Description RYOT's Wooden Dugouts with Matching One Hitter are magnetic and made of high-quality woods. These dugouts feature a patented lid & poker design to avoid spillage and keep...
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Magnetic Dugout with One Hitter - RYOT

Description RYOT's Super Magnetic Dugout comes with a matching one hitter for all your smoking needs! Always be prepared for the sesh with this dugout; it's compact, discreet, AND portable....

Acrylic Dugout & One Hitter - RYOT

Description Thee RYOT Acrylic Magnetic Dugout with Matching One Hitter features a lid and poker design to help you avoid spillage and stop any unwanted smells from escaping. Coupled with a unique...


Description RYOT's VERB 510 MINI BATTERY is a discreet and portable oil vaporizer At less than 2” high and 1” wide. It is the smallest oil vaporizer on the market...

Wax Pen - Yocan Evolve

Description Yocan's Evolve Wax Pen is an amazing vaporizer that features phenomenal functionalities. This wax pen has a dual quartz coil that promotes strong & flavorful vapor. It also has a functional coil...
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