The Evidence for Kava in Treating Depression

Kava, a root from the South Pacific Islands, has been used for centuries as both a spiritual and medicinal herb. In recent years, its potential for treating depression has gained traction among medical professionals and patients alike. This blog post will dive into the evidence-based research around kava’s ability to treat depression.

The Science Behind Kava’s Effects on Depression

Kava is best known as an anxiolytic—a substance that reduces anxiety. But recent studies have shown that it also has the potential to reduce symptoms of depression. In one study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne, 64 participants were given either kava extract or placebo pills over eight weeks. The results showed that the group receiving kava extract experienced a significant drop in their depressive symptoms compared to those who received the placebo pills. 

In another study conducted by researchers in Europe and published in the European Journal of Psychopharmacology, 60 participants with moderate-to-severe depression were administered either kava extract or placebo pills over six weeks. Again, results showed that those who received kava extract had significantly lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who received placebo pills. 

A third study published in Phytotherapy Research examined how well kava worked when combined with antidepressants commonly prescribed for major depressive disorder (MDD). The study involved 60 participants with MDD who were given either antidepressants alone or antidepressants plus kava extract for four weeks. Results showed that those taking a combination of kava extract and antidepressants had significantly higher response rates than those taking antidepressants alone. These findings suggest that adding kava to standard antidepressant treatment could be beneficial for those suffering from MDD.

Kava's Promise as Adjust Therapy to Conventional Depression Treatments 

The research suggests that kava can effectively reduce symptoms of depression when taken regularly over several weeks or months and even more so when combined with standard antidepressant treatments like SSRIs or SNRIs. While more research is needed to fully understand how effective this natural remedy can be, it appears that there is some promise in using this ancient South Pacific root as an adjunct therapy to conventional treatments like psychotherapy and medication management for depression and other psychiatric conditions. People considering adding kava to their existing treatment should always consult their doctor first to ensure they are making an informed decision about their health care plan moving forward.

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