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Only the best organic hemp-derived products

Transparency is key and its us taking the time to care. We want you to know that we’ve taken our time selecting the brands we choose to work with. The companies we work with only provide hemp-derived products and each product is equipped with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) Affidavit including complete test results and are in compliance with the provisions of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

Happy Trails and its affiliated companies do not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (USA CSA). The company does sell, and distribute hemp-based products.

…each product is equipped with a Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Happy Trails Kaukauna, WI
Only the highest of quality cannabidiol (CBD) products
About Us
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the purest, most-reliable hemp-derived CBD products that will demonstrate rapid delivery and greater efficacy for a more balanced life and well-being to all that we serve.

Happy Trails was founded by Wisconsin natives with a strong desire to educate customers on the potential health benefits of legal, hemp-derived CBD. Our statements are never meant to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any health conditions; on the contrary, we aim to bring awareness to the idea that the body’s ability to heal itself IS possible with the right information, tools, and mindset. We believe in a whole-hearted and holistic approach to living; where mind, body, and spirit are working optimally as one.

“It’s my wife’s baby, she conceptualized it…really because she just wanted to help people, now we’ve learned so much about the wellness effects that come from hemp-derived products, our research, our partners and our brands are allowing us to do just that, help so many people” says owner, Jason Tokarczyk.

…she just wanted to help people