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“A high CBD intake allowed me to slow
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through my thoughts.”


“CBD did so much for my psyche
during postpartum


“CBD and Delta 8 THC changed
my life.”

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"I am grateful for this place and its products that work!"

Jamie Ritchie

"The variety of products is amazing and there’s something for everyone. The prices are extremely fair and the products are 100% worth their value."

Chaes Gabriel William (Local Google Guide)

"The Happy Trails consultant answered all my questions (I had a lot) and knew exactly what I needed."

Maria Holz

"I majored in Biochemistry. I researched CBD for about a year and there's a lot of conflicting misinformation online. I have bought CBDs from four other sources and can So finally I went in to Happy Trails and they were amazing -- very helpful, good information both technical and practical, they listened and then narrowed my choices and the results for me have been miraculous."

Don Mitchell

"Great customer service as well as in depth knowledge about the products they sell. They are always willing to discuss what you are hoping to accomplish with their products, and offer advice about the best to use. Highly recommend!"

Corey Tallier
Free Shipping on Orders over $75

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We pride ourselves on sourcing the most natural and effective products to ensure therapeutic-grade results. You
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We support soil stewards, because
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 CBD for COPD: Benefits and Administration Methods

Inflammation plays a big part in COPD symptoms. CBD can help with this factor as it has anti-inflammatory properties. As mentioned above, glucocorticosteroids are commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation but can cause side effects like hypertension, depression and weight gain.

Can CBD Help Me Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

CBD is proven to be safe to use, unlike cigarettes which are known to cause disease. CBD products do not contain nicotine. Additionally, CBD is not addictive. According to the World Health Organization, “CBD is not associated with abuse potential”. Another benefit of CBD is that it has a lower monthly price...


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