CBD Education

As you embark on the journey of cannabinoid therapy, our partners at the Realm of Caring can help you select the right products for your needs, administration methods, and provide data-driven answers to all your questions.

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The staff is very knowledgeable and here to help the community with not only CBD products but also with education. Friendly environment. Can’t say enough.

My dog was diagnosed last Friday June 8th with lymphoma we could tell something was up because she wasn’t her perky self we heard about happy trails cbd opening in kaukauna so we checked it out they were vary helpful in getting me set up with the pet cbd we needed to help our dog Maggie about the 4th day we noticed she was starting to do a lot of her normal things her mood improved she’s more active and loves taking her daily walks again it’s still a long road to recovery but for now we will take it THANK YOU SO MUCH 👍HAPPY TRAILS

I’ve been using the Pulse CBD oil for over a month now and I absolutely love it! Got it for my anxiety, it works great and I sleep better than I ever have. The owners are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. If you’re looking for CBD, this is your place!!!

My husband and I purchased King Kalm 300RX for our dog who has frequent anxiety attacks. The King Kalm is fast acting (takes about 5 mins to work) and easy to give. Sophie isn’t happy about the taste but we give it to her straight from the syringe. I’m sure if we would mix it in her food she would probably enjoy it more. We also purchased Pulse 450mg CBD for my anxiety and sleeping issues. The Pulse works really well and it tastes great! I’ve never slept so good! We highly recommend Happy Trails and their products!

I had a gout flare up, and purchased some oil and some gummy’s. It did the job within a few hours, where I was taking 16 ibuprofen a day previously when it would flare up. Also very friendly staff and highly recommended.

Great place to go for yourself or pets, owner is very knowledgable and passionate about Cbd and will guide you to make the best purchase. Very clean and organized place 5 stars